Solo exhibition – „It’s alright, it’s alright“ reflects through the media of photography author’s interest in the world and its political and social context. Ján Skaličan goes back into the past to draw our attention to the problems of nowadays. And although forgetting is natural and literally necessary for the mental health, the incorrigibility of the past can lead to the negation of historical breakthrough and at the same time create a historical turning point.

The author is focusing on the ability of photographic reproduction and points out to the boundaries of which we have to be aware when displaying reality. He is observing and documenting specific locations lloaded with historic circumstances with which he later works as a visual-formal material. He intuitively enlarges and picks out individual parts of “accidental” moments and calm situations, he zooms, cuts, and combines them. He creates a spatial visual collage and ideographic map by which he highlights interconnection and coherence of layers of endless context.