Holographic Entrypoint is a gateway to an (un)known environment in which we find (sur)real worlds with an unclear hierarchy. Reality is visually and ideologically shifted. Places and images are familiar, although we are not sure, whether we know them from a dreams or they are real reminiscences of past experience. Fictitious scenes are in the end (almost certainly) real, and those believable are just fooling us. Trip. Hallucinations. Mystification. Mutations. Deformation. Out-of-body experiences. Authenticity, which seems too abstract to grasp fully at the first sight, does not allow us to blink. And how is it possible to feel nostalgia for a world we never knew?

Selected artworks depict expressive and experimental direction in such a traditional medium. Whether it's a work with composition, material, narration, or color, we're looking at leaks from reality that originate from their own experiences or are the result of a brilliant imagination. Artists are influenced by reality and jumping beyond its boundaries. Selected foursome fascinate with its maturity and convincingly defined artistic program.